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Michael F. Avioli

A Champion For Your Rights

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Michael F. Avioli

A Champion For Your Rights

I will respect your privacy while helping you set and attain reasonable goals. I will aggressively advocate on your behalf within the boundaries of the law.
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Winning cases for over 30 years

Experience matters and Mr. Avioli is no stranger to litigation, settlements, and appeals. His knowledge combined with his assertiveness equals results for his clients.

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Honest, Confident, Aggressive, Respectful

Mr. Avioli will work with you every step of the way, respecting your privacy while developing a strategy to fight for what is rightfully yours.

Suspicious? Scared? Stuck? I’m Here to Help, Call or Text Me Now

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Quality Representation for Every Client

Receive an unwavering defense with Mr. Avioli on your side, no matter the nature of your case.

Have You Done Something Wrong? Are You Already Being Investigated? Don’t Wait, Call or Text Me Now

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Always Bringing His “A” Game

Mr. Avioli understands the importance of being on top of details … and he does not disappoint.

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Practice Areas

What We Do


Do you suspect your spouse of: Cheating? Addiction? Abuse?
Don’t wait until you know for sure, contact me immediately.

Family Law

Seeking custody of your children? Not sure what your rights are as a parent?
Let me help - contact me today.

Criminal Law

Think you are being investigated? Have you done something illegal?
Don’t wait any longer, contact me today.

Personal Injury Law

Have you been seriously injured in a car accident? Did you get hurt at work?
Contact me today to discuss.

Avioli Law works diligently to maximize settlements for clients and negotiate confidential settlements for clients.

Business Law

Are you being sued by a former employee? Planning to sell your business?
You need representation immediately. Contact me today and let’s talk.

The Avioli Promise

What We Are

Divorce case in St. Louis are no simple matter for you or your family. With 35 years of unparalleled expertise, Michael Avioli is a renowned divorce attorney in St. Louis, who also specializes in family law, criminal defense and business law. Avioli knows that divorce cases are nothing to take lightly, that is why Michael Avioli promises to aggressively go to bat for each and every case that comes his way. When it comes to your divorce case, no other attorney will match the advocacy provided with hiring Avioli Law in St. Louis. Do not risk wasting your time and money with ineffective legal advocacy. Contact Avioli immediately for assistance with your divorce, family or criminal case to ensure your rights are preserved. 

At Avioli Law in St. Louis, we know it is imperative to immediately return your call or email to protect your rights and legal options. As a top divorce law firm, you can rest assured that we will always listen to your needs and construct a legal strategy that effectively challenges your opponent. We care about you and your divorce case and will personalize our representation to adapt to your unique situation. We are not intimidated by the aggressive tactics of other lawyers or opposing parties. We stand ready to confront a fervent strategy, but also to promote an amicable settlement where possible. If you are seeking a divorce attorney in St. Louis, contact us today. Mr. Avioli is a champion for your rights and will attack your divorce case as such. 

Why Choose Mr. Avioli

Who I Am

Mr. Avioli Is...

  • Honest
  • Knowledgeable
  • Available
  • Compassionate
  • Aggressive
  • Experienced
  • Concerned
  • Personable
  • Straight-forward
  • Confident
  • Approachable
  • Respectful
  • Respectable
  • Thorough
  • Efficient
  • Distinguished

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