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Business Defense Lawyer

Successful businesses are constantly reviewing and defining their legal options to establish winning strategies.

It is the better business practice to consult me before you start your business so we can best prepare you for the reasonably anticipated legal aspects of running a business. A successful business is your goal, but, your competitors may and will use all means available to slow you down:

  1. We develop a plan with you to protect you from personal liability from any civil lawsuits that your business may have to defend. I will also zealously defend your company against such lawsuits;

  2. We develop a plan to protect you from employee lawsuits and to develop an effective and clear Employee Handbook which addresses common employee and employer/employee issues;

  3. We are there to help resolve "difficult" employee issues before they ripen into litigation;

  4. We prepare you to defend and protect your vital business secrets from the threat of employees leaving and sharing them with other firms or the general public;

  5. We advise you on techniques to arrange for effective and enforceable sale of your business or purchase of other businesses to expand your footprint in the community.

  6. We analyze and draft enforceable leases that protect you first and not just your landlord's interests.

Call us today at 314-276-0699 to provide you the tools to be a well-advised and protected business in legal issues.