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Child Custody Lawyer in St. Louis

I will educate you of potential legal actions that can be taken to maximize your custodial rights.

St. Louis child custody matters include the ultimate decision by a judge concerning which parent enjoys physical or legal custody of their children. The legal definitions of physical and legal custody are complex and we put our clients in the best position for both custody issues in court. Child custody battles often occur between non-married parents. The financial decisions determined by St. Louis municipal courts in these cases may expose a party to unfair financial obligations or unreasonably low child support income. We aggressively pursue the custody rights of every client and devise for every client an effective trial strategy tailored their family issues.

The primary goal is to maximize a stable environment for the children with their parents. However, we protect children’s rights for our clients from abuse by a spouse, boyfriend, or any other person.

Child custody cases may include psychological or physical violence. We retain competent experts to promote our client’s rights and defend against false claims that they are unfit to parent a child.

Divorces are often causes by infidelity, physical abuse, substance abuse, or gambling. We pursue all means possible to advise the court of the misconduct of another party to reimburse our clients for theft or misuse of marital funds.

Avioli Law assists in defending our client’s rights in all property accumulated during the marriage. We use all efforts to discover all assets of the marriage to ensure a fair share to our client and to always protect the rights of children.  If you are in the metropolitan St. Louis area and have just learned that your spouse is going to seek a divorce or you believe you need to pursue one, contact us today.