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Getting a Divorce? What Next?

Your spouse has just informed you
that they want a divorce.

What To Do Next

Call Avioli Law immediately. Together, we will organize a plan that will both safeguard your property and minimize the risk of emotional, irrational decisions. Mr. Avioli is a renowned champion in St. Louis divorce cases and will be your most effective advocate through this difficult time. 

Stay one step ahead and prepare the following for your divorce case right away:

  • Make copies of all bank statements
  • Review all credit card statements and make copies
  • Change all your passwords on all financial accounts
  • Get an itemized detail of phone records for cell and house (calls made)

What Not To Do

You are hurt, angry, and confused. Still, it is imperative that you DO NOT let your emotions make a difficult situation worse.

  • Don’t threaten to harm to your spouse or your children.
  • Don’t intentionally damage property or steal assets.
  • Don’t cancel health insurance for your spouse or children – it’s illegal.
  • Don’t lock your spouse out of the house.
  • Don’t make any threats of any nature to your spouse or children.

By all means, safeguard yourself and your children from any immediate aggressive behavior from your spouse. Call the police if necessary and then call Mr. Avioli. Do not be afraid to seek an Order of Protection. He will help you understand the benefits of this option and have the court immediately order your spouse to start paying child support, spousal support.

Mr. Avioli's job as your divorce attorney is to help you craft a practical strategy to conserve your assets, maintain your relationships with your children, and move on with your life.

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