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DUI & DWI Lawyer

Your lawyer should be familiar with every possible challenge to your arrest and prosecution.

In a DUI matter, it is vital that you have an experienced lawyer to represent you. Before you address any matters with police or prosecuting attorneys, you must have an experienced lawyer in your corner.

A lawyer who is familiar with the latest developments in law, as well as the latest scientific challenges to police officer sobriety testing procedures, is someone to have on your side.

At Avioli Law, it is our highest priority to effectively represent clients at the time of their arrest for drinking or driving under the influence of alcohol marijuana or prescription drugs. Avioli Law will zealously attack attempts of police officers to misrepresent the alcohol content of a client, challenge the reliability of chemical, alcohol or blood tests. We also negotiate bond sentences and defend clients at trial to avoid suspension of driver's license, jail time or fines. We use litigation tactics to defend client's rights and to avoid jail time.

Don't take a Breath Test until you have talked to this office.