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Order of Protection in St. Louis

We represent clients during the application process
and the hearing process of obtaining an Order of Protection in St. Louis.

Courts are empowered by statute to grant immediate relief to a person by issuing an Ex Parte Order of Protection. Only one party applies to the court. With the use and assistance of court advocates, a petition is prepared and presented to the court which will allege physical and emotional misconduct of the other spouse. If a judge agrees that you have reason to fear immediate harm for yourself or your children, the Order of Protection will be granted.

Since the court has only heard from one party, that order will be followed by a hearing, which normally takes place ten to fifteen days of the original order. The spouse seeking the order is called the Petitioner, the spouse upon whom the order is served is called the Respondent. A sheriff must serve the order to the Respondent before a hearing can be held.

We represent clients during the application process and the hearing process. We advise our clients of all the legal remedies available at that hearing, which include:

  • Payment of mortgage rent
  • Legal fees
  • Child support
  • Spousal support
  • Payment of debts: i.e. car loans, daycare, etc.
  • Removal of firearms from the residence
  • Crafting a custody schedule for children
  • Restricting the guilty spouse from having any contact with the Petitioner

If you are in need of an Order of Protection or have been served with an Order of Protection, contact us immediately.