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Parental Kidnapping Lawyer in St. Louis

Protect your children from unnecessary, often traumatizing, incidents.

St. Louis law dictates that parental kidnapping, or custodial interference, occurs when one custodial parent of a child removes, takes, detains, conceals, or entices away that child, without good cause and with the intent to deprive the custody right of the other custodial parent. Parental kidnapping laws are different in each state, but in Missouri, the law extends to transport within and without the state, as well as leaving the country.

Parental kidnapping can occur at any point, but often occurs during particularly trying custody battles where one custodial parent removes the child for fear of or to prevent loss of custody.

Prosecutors are now empowered to charge a spouse with parental kidnapping under Missouri state law. At Avioli Law in St. Louis, we defend clients charged with parental kidnapping and enforce interim, temporary, and permanent child custody orders.