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Property Division Lawyer in St. Louis

Determine the nature and extent of all assets to which you are entitled.

In St. Louis divorce cases, division of property is one of the primary requirements of divorce. This entails determining what assets and debts are to be divided among the spouses and what will not be shared.

When analyzing and detailing the assets and debts of the parties in property division, some things that are considered include, but is not limited to:

  • Getting expert appraisals of houses
  • Having experts value privately held businesses, corporations, or LLCs
  • Analyzing corporate books or tax returns to determine real net worth of each party
  • Thoroughly investigating martial misconduct that may affect distribution of property in divorce
  • Calculate present value of assets and benefits of long-term distributions

Mr. Avioli has years of experience in St. Louis as a property division attorney and skillfully assessing martial assets and debts. His experience allows clients to ensure their needs are upheld.