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Significant Changes to Criminal Statutes

In January 2018 the Missouri Legislature repealed and replaced the statutes which regulate and define the ability of a defendant to have a prior arrest or conviction for a misdemeanor, felony or municipal court charge and sentence to be expunged. A person may now have one or more offenses, violations, or infractions expunged if such offense occurred within the State of Missouri and was prosecuted under the jurisdiction of a Missouri municipal, associate circuit or circuit court.

The following offenses are eligible to be expunged:

  1. Any felony or misdemeanor offense of passing a bad check under Section 570.120 RsMo; fraudulently stopping payment of an instrument or fraudulent use of a credit device- under Sections 570.125 and 570.130 RsMO respectively.
  2. Any class B or C misdemeanor offense under Section 574.010 RsMO.

We can file a petition in the appropriate court to seek engagements of a misdemeanor if Three(3) calendar years have passed since the arrest and for many felonies if Seven(7) calendar years have passed since the original arrest. Not all charges can be expunged. Call us today for a consultation to address your situation and whether you qualify for this relief.

Arrest records and convictions substantially impact your ability to gain employment and own or possess firearms.